Research & Development

Dimagy offers consulting services & turnkey imaging solutions for vision systems integrators.

Machine Vision
Dimagy adresses various industrial imaging applications. We work with the world leading API MVTec Halcon to build time-saving yet reliable systems. You will find in here a glimpse of our capabilities.

PCB, BGA, AOI/AXI, ball-wedge and wire bonding machines: we recognize defects with an accuracy up to 1μm.

Robust on different materials, as well as different error classes like holes, wrinkles, edge cracks, inclusions, contaminants, coating voids, scratches, spots, and dents.

Identify and read bar and data codes and perform OCR: we read a single character in less than 0.1 ms..

Find objects robustly and accurately in real-time – even if they are rotated, scaled, perspectively distorted, locally deformed, partially occluded or located outside of the image. Robust to nonlinear illumination changes. Images with 8 or 16 bits, as well as color or multi-channel images, can be processed. Objects can be trained from images or from CAD-like data. Ability to locate objects that are composed of multiple parts moving with respect to each other.

3D imaging
Dimagy masters state of the art 3D imaging technologies. We can build custom systems or integrate existing cameras depending on your application.

Read our note on binocular 3D imaging:

binocular 3d imaging

Image Pipeline
Dimagy offers tunable solutions for RAW conversion in the form of a versatile library. We support a variety of file formats and can easily adapt to new ones.

Learn more about RAW conversion:

Camera Controls
It may be challenging to get the best out of your sensor in every situation. Dimagy provides a set of algorithms to dynamically adapt the acquisition parameters depending on the scene’s content.


Auto Exposure

Auto Exposure is responsible of dynamically setting the exposure parameters (time, gain and aperture) to maintain a target mean grey-value. It shall adapt to the changing light conditions and may depend on user interactions.


Auto Focus

To achieve an accurate, yet fast & repeatable focus in every condition is very tricky. We propose custom solutions adapted to your existing hardware.


Auto White Balance

An imaging sensor does not behave has a human eye and simply renders as a signal the light rays hitting its surface. The Auto White Balance algorithm shall dynamically adapt per-channel correction factors to reach a desired ‘overall tone rendering’ under several light conditions.



As it is not always possible to use a mechanical stabilization device, we propose state of the art algorithms to get a smooth video rendering in any quivering environment.


High Dynamic Range

High Dynamic Range technology provides your imaging device with the ability to capture details in dark and bright areas of a given scene. Our solution is fully automated, usually coupled with the auto-exposure.