Dynamic Range Test Chart

These targets have 36 low-noise density patches and density ranges exceeding 50dB, 100dB and 150dB. The three options fulfill needs for Low, Wide, and Ultra-High Dynamic Range systems. A nearly circular patch arrangement ensures that vignetting has minimal effect on results. For the Wide and Ultra-High variants, there are regions on the left and right sides of the chart for detecting flare light that can interfere with HDR performance. The charts have an active area of 197x235mm (7.75×9.25 inches) on 203x254mm (8×10 inch) high precision LVT film.

CSV reference file with actual densities provided with purchase.



Dynamic Range Test Charts
Exceed image quality standards

Imatest charts, designed by a team of experts, were specifically developed to work seamlessly with Imatest Master, Imatest Studio and Imatest IT. Imatest test charts are the most powerful charts available for imaging system development and quality verification

Dynamic Range:

The Imatest Dynamic Range (ITDR) test charts have three density ranges to suit every need. The charts allow you to measure the tonal response, noise, and dynamic range of various imaging systems with a single image instead of multiple, exposure bracketed images. The targets also contain slanted edges with 4:1 contrast for measuring MTF. The edges have an MTF50 >= 16 cycles/mm, which is about 3 times better than the best inkjet charts. The middle gray background density enables proper exposure with automatic exposure cameras. Dynamic Range test targets with black backgrounds tend to overexpose the brighter patches with auto-exposure cameras.


The chart’s active area of 197 x 235mm is a good fit for both the DNP Standard Color Viewer and ITI LED light box.

Imatest recommends using the Dynamic Range Targets with a high illuminance light source (close to 10,000 Lux) in order to provide sufficient light to test image sensors over their range of sensitivity. These charts are well suited for measuring both camera and sensor dynamic range, which are fundamentally different. Camera DR measurements are affected by flare (stray) light in the lens. They represent real-world performance. Sensor measurements are based on the patch pixel and noise levels in unprocessed RAW images, using the technique described in Multicharts / Multitest / eSFR ISO Noise, which fits data to an equation based on dark and photon noise.


The Dynamic Range targets are available in three different ranges:

  • Low Dynamic Range (50dB) for low dynamic range cameras with small pixels. This target will be ideal for camera phones and tablets.
  • Wide Dynamic Range (100dB) for most high quality cameras, DSLRs, larger mirrorless cameras (Micro 3/4, APS-C, etc.) and any high quality camera that is not specifically “HDR”.
  • Ultra High Dynamic Range (150dB) is designed specifically for HDR cameras.

Compatible with Imatest software:

The Dynamic Range charts work with Imatest Master, Imatest Studio and Imatest IT.

Perfectly calibrated, hi gh resolution print quality:

Printed on Imatest expertly calibrated printers, you can trust that each chart will produce the same result as the last.

Automated Region Detection:

Automatically identify regions of interest without manual input.

Meets international standards:

The International Standards Organization (ISO) for Photography sets the international standards for image quality analysis and all of our charts conform to the specifications set by the ISO Committee.

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  • Low Dynamic Range
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Ultra High Dynamic Range

Aspect Ratio

  • 4:5 aspect ratio
  • 16:9 aspect ratio


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