Spilled Coins: color

The Color Imatest Spilled Coins chart is a variant of the Dead Leaves chart designed to measure texture sharpness. It has several advantages over older Dead Leaves charts, including nearly perfect scale-invariance, which improves the accuracy and robustness of measurements, and gray regions to the left and right of the chart that facilitate noise removal (using a technique where gray patch noise Power Spectral Density is subtracted from the signal + noise PSD of the central Spilled coins region).



Color Spilled Coins Test Charts
Exceed image quality standards

Imatest charts, designed by a team of experts, were specifically developed to work seamlessly with Imatest Master, Imatest Studio and Imatest IT. Imatest test charts are the most powerful charts available for imaging system development and quality verification


The Color Spilled Coins chart has the same scale-invariant (1/f) frequency spectrum as the monochrome chart, but may respond slightly differently to noise-reduction signal processing.

The Imatest Spilled Coins chart for measuring texture sharpness has several advantages over older Dead Leaves charts. Key features:

  • The Scattered Coins pattern in the central region is almost perfectly scale-invariant (unlike conventional dead leaves charts), enhancing the accuracy and robustness of MTF measurements so they correlate well with other methods (such as the slanted-edge) for RAW images (which have no nonuniform or nonlinear processing).
  • Maximum contrast range is 3:1, as called for in the CPIQ Phase 3 draft Texture Blur Metric draft specification.
  • It is more uniform, i.e., is more shift-invariant than other Dead Leaves charts.
  • It contains slanted edges (2:1 and 4:1 contrast) for convenient comparisons with the dead leaves pattern.
  • The gray area to the left and right of the dead leaves pattern has the same mean density as the dead leaves pattern, allowing it to be used for effective noise PSD removal using the McElvain et. al. technique.
  • Registration marks and 16 grayscale patches are included. The linear levels used to create the grayscale patches are 0 through 255 in steps of 17 (same as the Siemens Star chart in the draft of the upcoming ISO 12233 standard).
  • Imatest Spilled Coins equivalent of the Image Engineering TE-265 referenced in the Skype spec is the Large, Matte ISC0024.

Compatible with Imatest software:

All Spilled Coins charts work with Imatest Master, Imatest Studio and Imatest IT.

Perfectly calibrated, high resolution print quality:

Printed on Imatest expertly calibrated printers, you can trust that each chart will produce the same result as the last.

Automated Region Detection:

Automatically identify regions of interest without manual input.

Meets international standards:

The International Standards Organization (ISO) for Photography sets the international standards for image quality analysis and all of our charts conform to the specifications set by the ISO Committee.



Available with a reflective matte or semi-gloss finish, or as a transmissive test chart.


Chart Size Dimensions Spilled Coins Region

610mm × 458mm

24″ × 18″

305mm × 305mm

12″ × 12″


458mm × 305mm

16″ × 12″

203 mm × 203 mm

8″ × 8″


305mm × 254mm

12″ × 10″

152mm × 152mm

6″ × 6″


254mm × 203mm

10″ × 8″

141mm × 141mm

5.536″ × 5.536″

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