Checkerboard Test Chart

The Checkerboard Test Chart is available on matte inkjet, film, and chrome-on-glass substrates. It is designed to work with the Checkerboard module. This module enhances testing of varying distances by supplying more testable regions to provide automated measurements of sharpness, lateral chromatic aberration, and distortion from images.

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Checkerboard Test Charts
Exceed image quality standards

Imatest charts, designed by a team of experts, were specifically developed to work seamlessly with Imatest Master, Imatest Studio and Imatest IT. Imatest test charts are the most powerful charts available for imaging system development and quality verification

Compatible with Imatest software:

All ISO charts work with Imatest Master, Imatest Studio and Imatest IT.

Automated Region Detection:

Automatically identify regions of interest without manual input.

Meets international standards:

The International Standards Organization (ISO) for Photography sets the international standards for image quality analysis and all of our charts conform to the specifications set by the ISO Committee.

Perfectly calibrated, high resolution print quality:

Printed on Imatest expertly calibrated printers, you can trust that each chart will produce the same result as the last.

Image Quality Factors: Distortion



This chart is available with a reflective matte, transmissive or chrome substract.

Chart Size

Chart Size Dimensions Active Area Megapixel Suitability

1117.6mm x 1676.4mm

44″ x 66″

1092.2mm x 1651mm

43.4″ × 65.1

28.1 MP

609.6mm x 914.4mm

24″ x 36″

584.2mm x 889mm

23.4″ x 35.1″

14.3 MP

406.4mm x 609.6mm

16″ x 24″

381mm x 584.2

15.4″ x 23.1″

5.9 MP

203.2mm x 304.8mm

8.5″ x 12.75″

177.8mm x 279.4mm

7.9″ x 11.85″

3.1 MP

Contrast Ratio

Available with 4:1, 10:1 or 45:1 contrast ratio.

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