Research & Development

We propose custom development of algorithms that have a direct influence on the perceived image quality. The non-exhaustive list below gives a glimpse of our core technologies.


Auto Exposure

Auto Exposure is responsible of dynamically setting the exposure parameters (time, gain and aperture) to maintain a target mean grey-value. It shall adapt to the changing light conditions and may depend on user interactions.


Auto Focus

To achieve an accurate, yet fast & repeatable focus in every condition is very tricky. We propose custom solutions adapted to your existing hardware.


Auto White Balance

An imaging sensor does not behave has a human eye and simply renders as a signal the light rays hitting its surface. The Auto White Balance algorithm shall dynamically adapt per-channel correction factors to reach a desired ‘overall tone rendering’ under several light conditions.



As it is not always possible to use a mechanical stabilization device, we propose state of the art algorithms to get a smooth video rendering in any quivering environment.


High Dynamic Range

High Dynamic Range technology provides your imaging device with the ability to capture details in dark and bright areas of a given scene. Our solution is fully automated, usually coupled with the auto-exposure.